Core faculty and leaders in the School of Counseling, Drs. Stephanie J.W. Ford and Jason Patton, were challenged with finding a safe environment for faculty and students to discuss Diversity & Inclusion. Enter POPin.

Use Case

POPin for Improvement

“Please rate (1-5) the level to which you feel safe addressing student, faculty and/or staff issues related to diversity and inclusion in the SoC (1-not safe at all; 3- somewhat safe; 5-extremely safe). After you identify your number please explain how we can create a safe environment for people to address diversity and inclusion in the SoC.”

Question Asked with POPin


Diversity & Inclusion

More Effective

Earned Buy-In

of Diversity & Inclusion


“We were asking about how faculty members felt about safety, so anonymity was imperative to receive honest feedback.”

-Dr. Jason Patton, School of Counseling, Walden University

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