Ask your team a question and allow them to answer anonymously, vote and interact with each others answers with the POPin app for Slack.

POPin for Slack

A New Way to Engage Your Employees Within Slack

Polling and survey tools are great for uncovering what the issues are but leave you guessing at how to solve them. Collaborative conversations are often the way to uncover the truth of what's occurring in your organization and find creative ways to fix problems.

Slack is a place where your team comes together to collaborate, important information can be found by the right people, and your tools pipe in information when and where you need it.

POPin for Slack enables you to have anonymous conversations to uncover ideas and solutions and get analytics.

Main Features

Ask a question in a channel

View your results in the POPin to quickly uncover solutions

Use the POPin web app to organize and launch your sessions

Your team responds anonymously to your question and votes and comments on each other's answers

Have Honest Conversations in Slack with POPin

  • Your team can answer your question in POPin anonymously, giving them a safe way to give feedback and suggest solutions
  • Participants can vote and comment on each other's answers, enriching the conversation and helping you discover the voice of the silent majority

Have Honest Conversations

  • Use the settings gear to select "add apps" and locate the POPin app
  • Set up the POPin app in your channel
  • Use /pop to get started with a question

Easily Install POPin to your Existing Channel

  • Access rich reports when your POPin is complete to easily make sense of your results
  • Leverage sentiment, segmentation and more to dig deeper and take your survey beyond just a score

Get Your Results

  • Easily ask your channel a question
  • Your team will be alerted to the question posting and will be able to answer anonymously through responses, votes and commenting

Ask A Question

Use POPin for Slack Now

Visit the App Store on in Slack your computer and follow the instructions to install POPin into your channel




Click the setting gear to  access the app story and add POPin to your channel

Type "/pop" in your channel to ask a question and start the conversation

Answer the question in POPin and vote and comment on others responses

Access your report after you question has ended to get a rich, clear picture of your results


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